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Sporting Events in Portugal

Best known for its golden beaches, Portugal’s active edge is often overlooked. From surfing to some of the best golf destinations in Europe, the country’s offer is endless – to those who know where to find it, that is.

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The Best Sports-Themed Experience in Portugal

Every year, golf draws visitors to its southern Algarve coastline by the droves, heading towards its 40+ immaculately maintained golf courses with spectacular views over the Atlantic coast. Other draws? Water sports, from relaxing kayaking trips to unforgettable diving and adrenaline-fuelled parasailing, made all the more enjoyable by wonderful weather and stunning coastlines.

From water sports off mainland Portugal or the island of Madeira to surfing on Central Portugal’s beaches, home to the biggest surfable waves in the world, and large-scale football, basketball or tennis events, we place Portugal’s unmatched offer of sporting activities within your reach.

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