The importance of attending Tourism Events, Trade Shows and Fairs


When the opportunity arises for us to delve into the world of tourism events, shows and fairs, here at Portugal Travel Team we are always eager to be in the heart of the action. This has never been as true as it is now. 2021 and we could not have been more pleased to get a taste of normality again with international fairs going ahead as the year draws to a close.

A taste of normality came in the shape of IMEX in Las Vegas in early November, which is set to be closely followed by the IBTM in Barcelona in end of November beginning of December. As such, following new ideas, new contacts, and experiences gained in the US, we wanted to take this opportunity to share the importance of DMCs attending tourism events.

From keeping up to date with an ever-evolving market to meeting other key players and getting the word out about our own services, industry events (whether trade shows or fairs) are the place to do it for so many reasons. Here are a few:

Sales Leads

The underlying goal of attending any event is often to get business leads and increase a company’s database. A substantial driver for companies to participate in any event is meeting and connecting with potential clients, and whether these contacts translate to business in the immediate or more distant future, they oftentimes prove to be highly beneficial.

Developing Brand Awareness

Not only are trade shows excellent for brand awareness, but they are also a fantastic opportunity to improve overall recognition within the industry. This is done by letting potential customers, partners, and competitors know what you do, how you do it and what makes you different.

Market Research & Competitor analysis

As well as sharing details on your own operations, tourism events are also a great opportunity to delve into what competitors are doing. This may cover what they are able to offer their clients and serve as benchmark and/or inspiration on directions in which to grow and evolve. This also goes for new industry developments.

Increasing business

By creating a b2b setting, tourism trade shows and similar events are optimal for bringing businesses together to develop new partnerships and business relationships. From a great place to put forward proposals to exchanging ideas and even finding a company that fills the gap in your services. Industry events are the perfect stage for fruitful interactions likely to lead to a promising future.

Building Reputation

Participating and being seen at a reputable show automatically positions a business as reputable. This is both thanks to the level of professionalism, reliability and organisation required to successfully participate in a trade show/fair and the company’s name being linked to other industry experts at such events.

Keeping in Touch

On a more social note, which especially applies this year, industry events are the perfect opportunity to get back in touch with other industry players we may not have seen in a while. Shows provide an opportunity for partners and businesses to see each other, catch up and strengthen bonds with both new and pre-existing clients, partners and friends.

Making memories

Finally, and possibly most importantly, business events are just like any other in the sense that they bring people together in celebration. To acknowledge another year in business, another year of opportunities seized, and another year of developments and bridges built. Because we all deserve to celebrate our achievements as an industry and as individuals!

On this note, we look forward to the tourism events to come and hope to mingle with our trusted partners, colleagues, and fellow industry friends and professionals in the near future.