Special Interest Programmes

Organising a perfect trip tailored to your personal and professional interests

Is Portugal your destination of choice for special interest programmes? Providing offers aplenty for Special Interest travel from North to South of the country, Portugal is the go-to destination for every occasion.

Renewing ourselves event after event, we ensure we approach every brief from square one, carefully tailoring accommodation and activities to complement any particular interest or subject matter, whether personal or professional.

Our Special Interest DMC Services

We continually have our feelers out for the most fitting venues, locations and services for any need, our ear always to the ground able to fine-tune an experience so immersive participants forget where they are all together.

As a well-established, well-connected Portuguese DMC, we enlist the help of local experts in specific fields to pinpoint flawless delivery, creating magic for your experience here and ensuring you get the absolute most out of your Special Interest trip.

Let us know what you want to see and do in Portugal, and we will simply take care of it all!

See examples of our recent projects

Special Interest Programme – Architects Group – Denmark in Porto

Tell us about your project and we’ll make it happen!

As a leading incoming DMC in Portugal, we ensure flawless and memorable experiences, every time.

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