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The Enchanted Douro Valley

No list of top 2021 destinations for team building events would be complete without the Douro, the valley of dreamy landscapes and endless, mist-covered, rolling hills that quickly turn into steep ravines covered in vine-lined terraces, working their way down to the river. With vineyards occupying seemingly every hillside as far as the eye can see, the Douro Valley is popular among wine connoisseurs and amateurs alike, all of whom get something out of being in the world’s oldest winemaking region and sampling the delights it has to offer.

In the Land of Port

Prized as an ideal winemaking location for almost two thousand years, this region is now best known as the home of port, though the sweet, fortified drink has been around since at least the 17th century. A mesmerizing sight to behold and a UNESCO World Heritage Site, the Douro Valley wine region also supplies a vast array of wines produced in wineries dotted along with the scenery, framed by a vast blue sky.

Quaint villages with authentic local food and culture make for excellent rest stops on long trips through the hills, allowing visitors to experience the true spirit of Portugal, with accommodation even available in some of the wineries themselves!

Beyond Vineyards

Though wine is the main attraction in this region, it doesn’t end there, with the hills also providing for plenty of other activities, including hiking and cycling trips, kayaking, taking part in fruit harvests in the autumn, or even taking a train through the hills on one of Europe’s most scenic tracks, the Linha do Douro.

Spectacular valley views, wide, open spaces and the true spirit of inland Portugal make for a trip not soon forgotten.

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