Conference (Global Forum) - 1200 participants from around the World

This was the third time this client chose Lisbon for the Global Forum, now with many more attendees and requiring more extensive event management. We selected the company that would design and build the stands for the exhibition – 31 in total, including different sizes and purposes.

We successfully contracted venues for the two evenings, despite the fact that at the time, no two places with the capacity to host 1200 people were available. Through our network of contacts, we found out that the Pavilhão Carlos Lopes was under reconstruction at the time, and would be ready by the time the Global Forum would take place.

Having secured special authorization, we were able to visit the building site several times during construction to make sure the venue would be suitable and ready in time. Both dinners were a huge success, and we were the first DMC in the country to use the newly rebuilt venue for an event.

Location of the Event



Global Software Company – UK

Our services for this event consisted of
  • Consultancy and liaison with the Congress Center
  • Contracting of stand builder and AV company
  • Contracting of venues, catering, entertainment 
  • All transportation to venues and Congress