Incentive Programme with CSR team-building - 400 participants

The large Group arrived in Portugal for an activity-packed corporate travel incentive. Among a long list of attractions, the Group also took part in a team-building, Corporate Social Responsibility activity.
The CSR activity lasted an entire afternoon and required perfect logistics. The Group was preparing food packages with rice, soy flour, and lentils to be sent to countries in need.

We booked a large venue for this purpose, complete with a series of long tables. Once prepared, the packaged meals were closed and sealed, ready to be sent out.

Location of the Event



Insurance Company – Canada

Our services for this event consisted of
  • Contracting a Royal Palace, a Convent, catering, entertainment, and several restaurants for the welcome dinner, Gala, and other evenings of fine dining
  • Organising different activities every day for the participants to sign up for
  • Purchasing approximately 7.000 kilos of non-perishable foods for the CSR activity, as well as setting up the venue and hiring additional staff for distribution and packaging