Eduarda Short Bio

I am a native of Lisbon and this is a city where I always feel comfortable and happy, where I enjoy walking in the old quarters trying new restaurants and cafés, looking for new ideas for exciting programmes for our clients.

I studied in Lisbon in a very innovative school in those days, my course was Tourism with a specialisation in Tour Guiding. When I finished my studies, I spent one year abroad in various places, working and learning about other cultures at the same time. In Geneva I improved my French and worked as a hostess at Trade Fairs in the Palexpo, in Düsseldorf, where I spent most of the time, I attended a German school for foreigners and worked in a hotel cleaning bedrooms and public areas. Then I enjoyed myself in England as a tourist for a few weeks, and in Casablanca I took a stewardess course with Royal Air Maroc. A couple of years later I spent a few Winter months in Amsterdam, thinking I would be able to speak Dutch in such little time. I do not speak Dutch but those three months in Amsterdam were breathtaking.

During this time abroad I used to write letters to my family telling them about what I was experiencing in these countries, the culture, the habits, the gastronomy, the history, the way of life in all these places where I spent time. The taste for travel grew so much during this time and it never stopped growing.

So back in Portugal I worked as a Tour Guide and used all the free time in winter to get to know my country profoundly. I travelled all over Portugal and I know exactly why our visitors say they love the Portuguese hospitality. Portuguese myself I came across this welcoming feeling all the time that I spent visiting all the hidden places of our country. And yes, our people are friendly and welcoming as no other.

At some point tour guiding was not enough, so I started working for an Incoming Operator based in the Algarve, the south of Portugal. It was a wonderful experience for many years, working with clients – third party and TOs – of various nationalities. I was able to put my knowledge of the destination at work to create new and interesting programmes that were so successful.

And one day I thought it was time to stop and think it all over again, so I did, and Portugal Travel Team is the result. This happened in 1996.