Is Portugal a Safe Travel Destination?

As the pandemic begins to show signs of easing and the light at the end of the tunnel grows brighter, we are excited to get back to normal business – all while ensuring safe travel for everyone involved, of course. Speaking of safe travel, a question we have been asked time and again over the course of this year is whether it is safe to come to Portugal. As such, we wanted to take the opportunity to shed some light on the goings-on over here on Europe’s Western edge and everything being done to ensure everyone (locals and visitors alike) is kept as safe and well as possible.

Planning your dream product launch or incentive trip to Portugal? Read on to discover just how Portugal has managed to walk the fine line between opening the country back up and maintaining safety measures.

How Portugal has managed to stay covid-safe

When the pandemic first broke out, the country was dubbed a covid success story due to measures being implemented quickly and effectively and its (relatively) small population clusters. Though the state of emergency continued and numbers of cases peaked, these have dropped significantly with the rollout of vaccinations, only rising slightly with the coming of summer – peak tourist season.

Hygiene and Safety practices adopted in Portugal to protect against covid

Clean & Safe Seal

Now, when it comes to measures implemented in the tourism industry to reduce the spread of the disease, Portugal has shown fast efficient action from the very offset. A country well-versed in the tourist trade, its primary tourism entity, Turismo de Portugal, implemented a Clean & Safe seal as early as April 2020, conducting training on the hygiene and safety measures necessary at DMCs, hotels, restaurants, as well as every establishment that comes into direct or indirect contact with the tourist trade. As such, establishments awarded the seal are sure to meet the hygiene requirements and cleaning measures recommended by the Directorate-General for Health. Now, almost a year and a half on, these measures are considered nothing less than second nature.

EU COVID Digital Certificate or negative test requirements

The introduction of EU Covid Certificates (awarded to those vaccinated or recently recovered from Covid) has made things all the easier for certificate holders. As well as replacing a negative test for those coming into the country – reducing costs and hassle for all involved – the new EU certificates are also required to get into a variety of establishments (such as restaurants and bars on Friday evenings and weekends) which, though something to consider, works to keep us all safer as we enjoy a taste of normality.

Not an EU resident, or don’t have a certificate? Negative covid tests also grant entry to events, hotels and restaurants, and Portugal has been efficiently setting up test centres that are both easily accessible and outdoors, making the most of the country’s excellent weather to do things all the more safely.

Portugal as a Mice Destination

Convinced that Portugal is a safe travel destination for your event? Excellent. Now it is time to decide if you want to plan it in a charming village, bustling town, looking over the plains of the Alentejo or the vineyards of the Douro. Concerned there will be requirements to meet and regulations to adhere to? That is why you have a partner on the ground, well-versed in whatever may be required to ensure your event goes off without a hitch in Portugal – the perfect place to get away to somewhere secluded, where safety is the priority.